Power of Real Estate Virtual Tours For Commercial Space

Ever since the internet became more popular, it has changed the way people search for commercial properties. They want to be able to see what is on the market and to get information before they even step foot in the door of the property.

There are so many new technologies available on the market that provide solutions to help grow the commercial real estate market. All you have to do is search for virtual tours of commercial properties on Google, and you will have pages of locations to choose from. This is great for landowners and property managers who are trying to show potential tenants the true value of their property.

With commercial real estate marketing, your profits and engagement are going to increase exponentially because of virtual tours. You are going to be able to capture the attention of more potential tenants or prospects, which will, in turn, drive your returns on investments! From here, you can find the ideal tenant that will meet the needs of your commercial space and still keep it occupied.

In this post, we are going to discuss the power of real estate virtual tours for your commercial space.

What is a Virtual Tour?

So what is a virtual tour? The term “virtual tour” is used to describe a computerized, interactive representation of architecture. It usually entails indoor and outdoor environments via a combination of panoramic images and video. It’s from professional photography equipment to computer software programs, but the result is a high-quality representation of your property. The images are usually grouped into ‘photo arcs’ that can be navigated much like one would use an online map.

What is a Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours have been a great tool for commercial real estate. It’s a very beneficial technology that has allowed the commercial real estate market to grow and people to become more engaged with the market.

All a commercial property owner has to do is to speak with a company that specializes in creating immersive and breathtaking virtual tours to showcase their property in its best light. Also, they can show potential tenants or leads what the vacant commercial space looks like.

Commercial real estate virtual tours are great for property owners because they can reach a wider audience, bring more interest to the vacant space, and help grow their business.

Fun Statistics About Real Estate Virtual Tours

According to the 2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Survey, more than 77% of prospects said they prefer to view a virtual tour before visiting the property in person.

This means that if you are looking to grow your portfolio through real estate, you need to consider how virtual tours can help. Not only do they have the potential to capture new leads, but they can convert leads.

Since people are more inclined to consider a virtual tour, this means that you have the opportunity to keep prospects interested in your commercial property without even showing them. You can give them an idea of what the property looks like without having to impress them in person.

10 Benefits of Virtual Tours for Commercial Real Estate

1. Shows Broader Range of Interest for Commercial Space

Having a virtual tour for your vacant commercial space is great because it gives potential leads or tenants a good idea of what the space is like. This way, they can get a better feel for the property before ever stepping foot in it.

2. Attracts a Wider Audience

More people will be attracted to your virtual tour than they would be to by just viewing a single picture of the commercial space, so you will have a wider audience and more people who might be interested in your property. Potential buyers favor listings that have more information, so virtual tours can be an excellent complement to listing photography.

3. Increase Conversion Rate

As stated above, having a virtual tour is great because it brings more interest to the vacant space. More people will be attracted to your commercial real estate listing, which can help it sell faster. Also, virtual tours can help make tenants stay longer and more engaged in the property.

4. Drive Traffic to Commercial Property Listings

Virtual tours are now so popular that they are one of the first things people search for when trying to find commercial property listings. Having a virtual tour is great because it will be one of the first things to pop up when people search for commercial listings, which drives traffic to your online listings.

5. Technology is More Commonplace

In today’s fast-paced society, more people are accustomed to technology and the convenience that it offers. This means that more people want to see your online real estate listings, which is what virtual tours allow them to do. Virtual tours are efficient tools that help users take a look around the property and drive engagement and consideration.

6. Saves Money

Not only will virtual tours help you boost your business, but they will also save money. Virtual reality in real estate offers several cost-saving benefits. For example, they allow brokers to market properties on the internet which saves money in marketing costs, they allow realtors to view properties remotely, saving them time on travel costs, and they allow agents to host virtual tours for their customers.

7. Emphasizes Quality

Commercial real estate virtual drone tours allow you to show off the best aspects of your vacant property, such as the great lighting, building amenities, architectural details, or other fantastic features. This helps convince people that your property is worth checking out in person.

8. Available on More Platforms

Virtual tours are compatible with more platforms than photos or videos because virtual tours can be viewed through your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. This is great because more people will be able to see your tour, no matter what device they are using.

9. Tours Available 24/7, Globally 

Having a virtual tour of your property is great because potential leads can have access to it 24/7. Not only can they look at a photo of the property, but they can take a virtual walkthrough of it whenever and wherever they are. You can host property tours without having to be there in person.

10. Better Communication with Potential Leads and Tenants

Having a virtual tour of your commercial space is great because it allows you to communicate better with potential leads or tenants. Virtual tours give leads more information about the space before they see it, thereby weeding out any unqualified leads. You can let leads or tenants know exactly what the space is like and answer any questions they might have about it before any in-person meetings.

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Ready To Grow Your Real Estate Business with the Power of Virtual Reality?

Ready to see your commercial real estate listing sell faster? Want to drive more traffic to your commercial real estate property listings? Real Estate virtual tours are a great way to drive up the marketability of your property and get more people interested. From showing a wider range of interest, to attracting more people, virtual tours are the perfect option for your commercial real estate listings.

If you’re ready to harness the power of virtual reality in real estate, then contact us today! We at Indoor Drone Tours specialize in creating commercial real estate drone videos and VR tours. Our team is dedicated to the improvement of real estate through technology and innovation, so contact us today!