5 Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Marketing Videos


Commercial real estate marketing is tough. And many real estate owners are challenged with making their property stand out in a saturated market. 

But it doesn’t need to be that way! 

With the power of video marketing, you can make your property stand out from the competition and reach more potential buyers in less time. Here are 5 videos you should be using to market your real estate property.

Aerial Drone Videos

Commercial real estate video marketing has never been more accessible thanks to the affordability of drones. This is mainly due to its rise in popularity as many real estate owners and brokers are using aerial drone videos to show off their property. 

Commercial real estate drone videos are great for highlighting unique features of the property, its surrounding area, nearby facilities and amenities, and more. With these videos, you can tell an engaging narrative that will hook and entice your audience in ways that photos and text simply cannot.

Having a skilled operator who’s knowledgeable about the best lighting, angles, and overall video production is key to creating an attractive drone video that can help generate buzz around your property.

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Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Testimonial videos can be used to highlight success stories of other clients who purchased or leased your property. 

It provides the social testament to instill trust and confidence in your potential clients. And the great thing about this marketing strategy is that not many commercial real estate owners are hacking into its potential. Another plus is that your previous tenants can offer a more human and approachable side to your commercial real estate brand that can’t be shown in other videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can help to simplify a complex subject while also expressing your unique selling proposition. A professional explainer video will appeal to the more business-savvy audiences who are able to see your expertise in a specific area to build brand trust. Another great benefit to explainer videos is the chance to raise awareness about important announcements, products, services, and much more.

Engaging Social Media Content Videos

This is the age of social media, where videos for commercial businesses are truly reaching their prime. Commercial real estate marketers and brands need to be active on social media channels. And the first step to take is to create share-worthy content in a variety of forms. Your social media content videos need to be engaging in order to increase the time spent on your posts, which is crucial for increasing the click-through rate and conversions.

Another helpful tip is to capitalize on influencer marketing. Commercial real estate is a huge industry and influencers can be the key to creating content that resonates well with your target audience. Find an influencer that has an engaged audience in your target industry and collaborate with them to promote your real estate property.

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Indoor Drone Tour Videos

From the outside, a commercial real estate property may look amazing. But what about what’s on the inside? And how can you show it off in an engaging and impactful way? 

Commercial indoor drone videos offer a unique way to take your audience on a tour of your property from within and showcase key aspects such as locations, interior design elements, the flow of the space, locations of certain indoor amenities, and more. 

Give your potential tenants and buyers an overview and feel of the entire property both inside and out. By doing this, they can visualize using your space for their own purpose, therefore attracting warm leads to your business.

Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing is Here to Stay

Video marketing is an important part of the commercial real estate marketing game. Commercial brokers and property owners need to find innovative ways to stand out from their competition in order to keep up with clients’ demands. And using different types of marketing videos to your advantage is just one way that you can start building leads and finding tenants for your commercial real estate properties.

Commercial real estate marketers and managers can use different marketing strategies for each of their properties. Approach your commercial property video marketing campaigns with the intent to be strategic about which property videos will engage your audience in ways that cannot be met by other forms of content such as photos, text, or blog posts.

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