Indoor Drone Tours Launches in Denver!

It’s been a big year for Indoor Drone Tours, and one of the most common questions we’ve received the past year was our availability in other markets. We’re excited to announce that we’re covering a new service area! Indoor Drone Tours is now available for residential tours in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. 

Indoor Drone Tours still covers the entire United States for commercial and business tours. Starting June 2021, local realtors in Denver can now book residential drone tours for their listings.

New to drone tours? Our mission is simple: We fly drones indoors to create the most effective virtual tour videos. We can fly through any property using tiny, custom-built drones to help you sell your real estate listings faster. We’ve been featured in WGN NewsLife and Money by Citi, and REALTOR® Magazine

Drone tours are a new marketing favorite for many realtors. Here are just a few reasons why drone tours are better than your current videos and 3D Tours:

  • No arrow clicking, pinching & dragging involved
  • One click and tour a home in minutes
  • 48 turnaround time for residential tours
  • In addition to a hosted link, easily upload your drone video to the MLS, on your website, and on social media!

In addition to flying indoors, we can also showcase a home’s exterior (don’t let our name fool you!) Our Outdoor Drone Tour add-on can highlight all of the beautiful, mountainous views near your listing. You can also add voiceovers, an interactive video player, aerial photography, title graphics, and more when booking your drone tour!

Here are just a few examples of our Denver area drone tours:

VIDEO: This residential drone tour features a stunning home at 9019 Ute Dr. With drones, you can effectively showcase a home’s surroundings and interior layout.

VIDEO: The above video showcases our office drone tour for Linc 1660 Denver. This virtual tour showcases the build’s brand new 8,800 SF tenant lounge.

Are you interested in trying a drone tour for your next listing? Contact us to get 20% off your first residential drone tour. We’re excited to fly for you and provide your prospective buyers a seamless virtual tour experience!