New: Indoor Drone Tours Launches Interactive Video Player!

 If you’re a realtor, you know how powerful it is to utilize the best marketing tools for your listings. Virtual tours are a newer form of marketing that allows viewers to experience and tour a home in a virtual environment. Virtual tour options include FaceTime, Zoom video, 3D tours, and drone tours.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, realtors continued to find new ways to market their listings and stay socially distant. According to Redfin, 63% of people said they made an offer on a property they hadn’t seen in person. “The virtual home tour is here to stay,” says Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist.

With the increasing importance of virtual tours, Indoor Drone Tours is excited to announce our new Interactive Video Player! Combined with seamless drone footage, our Interactive Video Player is a perfect additional marketing tool to sell your listings faster.

How To Add Interactivity To Your Drone Tours

We’re adding on a new option when booking your virtual tour. You can host your video in our interactive player that lets viewers easily navigate throughout the property!

The process for booking your virtual tour remains the same:

  1. Choose a Listing Type (Residential, Office, etc)
  2. Provide Your Address and Square Footage
  3. Select Your Package
  4. Choose Your Add-Ons (Satellite Imagery, Memorandum Graphics, Interactive Video Player, etc)

Tours that have the Interactive Video Player Add-On will receive a special video link. You’ll receive a URL link and embed code of your video hosted in our Interactive Video Player. Below is an example of the Interactive Video Player for 321 North Clark at Riverfront Plaza:

For Office Tours like the one above, you can break down the drone tour to different areas of the space. You can show off specific areas like conference centers, workstations, office kitchens, lounges, etc. Office tours can be great for either selling a commercial listing or even showcasing the office space virtually to a new hire. In a recent study, it’s shown that an office visit is the number one way candidates learn about company culture. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic inevitably ends, having a way to virtually tour a company’s office space is valuable for remote hires or potential hires that haven’t yet relocated to the same city.

Interactivity For Every Scenario

From office buildings to industrial complexes, you can add the Interactive Video Player to almost every service on our website. It’s time to get creative with your listing marketing! Here are a few ideas on how interactivity can enhance your drone tours:

Multi-Family Tours

For Multi-Family Tours, interactivity can be perfect for breaking down common areas, fitness rooms, different units, etc. This can be a great tool for potential residents interested in the property. Surveys have shown that renters also want virtual tours. Renters benefit from modern marketing tools to view apartment communities, 3-flats, and more to sign leases without being there in person. For interactive tours, rewatching and reviewing their favorite parts of the tour is a breeze. Viewers don’t have to remember the timestamp when they saw the outdoor pool. They can just hover the bar at the bottom of the video and click the outdoor pool.

Hotel Tours

The Interactive Video Player is perfect for Hotel tours. Tour a hotel like never before! You can easily switch between spaces from the in-house restaurant, to the rooftop lounge, and even get a look at the luxury penthouse all in one tour. The example below breaks down a 5-minute video tour of Viceroy Chicago.

Residential Tours

Interactivity can also be great for larger residential properties. Adding the Interactive Video Player allows viewers to easily navigate larger homes. While drone tours are already one of the best virtual tour options, interactivity can give more information about each room. For a regular drone tour video, the viewer just presses play and views the property (no swiping, pinching & dragging required). The realtor doesn’t have to give a full tour of that property, the potential buyer is already has a good idea of the layout of the house by the end of the drone tour. The Interactive Video Player gives the viewer just a little more context for every scene. Below is an example of how an Interactive Drone Tour can be used for a 9,000 sq ft home with 16 rooms:

The Interactive Video Player allows you to jump from room to room with ease. You can also click on the screen for different rooms and learn more information. If you’re using this for a home you’re selling, you can take text straight from the MLS listing and use it for different rooms. On the video above, clicking on the screen during the kitchen portion of the tour will give you this description: “The stunning white kitchen features two islands, high-end appliances, two pantries, Butler’s pantry, quartz countertops. The Kitchen offers easy service to the spacious formal Dining Room as well as to the adjacent patio with grill.”

Industrial Tours

Industrial Tours might not be the most glamorous type of tour, but you can use interactivity to make your video stand out. You can combine the Interactive Video Player add-on with the Satellite Imagery add-on to breakdown the location overview and the proximity to key cities.


Retail Tours & Business Tours

Retail Tours can also benefit a lot from video interactivity. Whether it’s an outdoor shopping center or breaking down different areas of one store, interactivity is a great tool to add to the property’s marketing. Last but not least, for Business Tours, there are many ways you can breakdown a space. Thrive of Fox Valley is a great example of how interactivity can be a useful tool when showing different areas of a rehabilitation center.

Get Started With Interactive Tours

We’re just getting started with Interactive Tours. In addition to the examples above, Indoor Drone Tours plans to utilize Interactive Tours for trade shows and other markets. If you’ve worked with us before, you’re probably familiar with the many different add-ons you can include for your drone tour. If it’s your first time booking with us, take a second to read through all of your options when booking your tour. You can choose from options like Aerial Photography, Satellite Imagery, Voice-Over, Memorandum Graphics, and more. For Interactive Video, it’s $99 to add to your drone package. Book your next flight now and try the Interactive Video Player for your upcoming tour!

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