Indoor Drone Tours Featured on WGN News!

Indoor Drone Tours Featured on WGN News!

Mike Lowe of WGN News in Chicago reported a full cover story on how Indoor Drone Tours has been quickly transforming the real estate industry.

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 caused significant impacts on several industries, real estate being one of them. Digital tours and virtual showings became more relevant than ever. While digital photos, Facetime, Zoom calls, and virtual tours have all been used to show properties during the pandemic, nothing takes you there quite like a drone tour.

John Bach, Creative Director, and Pendilton (Penny) Whaley, Drone Pilot, were thrilled when WGN came out to film.

“Penny and I were the ones on-site the day of filming,” John says, “They didn’t know much about the drones or FPV, so it was a very educational shoot for everyone.”

John and Penny filmed a residential high-rise building for Jason Rowland and the Rowland Group that day. The two flew drones in an apartment unit and showed WGN the process. Afterward, the group went to the building’s top amenity floor.

“There was a line of chairs at the bar on the amenity floor that was perfect to show the capabilities of the tiny drone,” Penny said, “I talked to the team about what I had in mind then flew the drone through the tunnel of chair legs.”

This clip can be seen in the final segment.

WGN also highlighted commercial tours in the cover story. Office tours showed a unique perspective to the viewer: soaring over open office spaces, drifting over desks. WGN also showcased some special projects like flying through the *United Center and the Michael Jordan statue.

Indoor Drone Tours follows all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local laws when flying the drones. To learn more about this cover story, visit WGN.