Multifamily Marketing That Tells A Story

Within the last two years, homeownership and renting practices started to change and shift. The popularity of apartment living is increasing. With remote workers and travel flexibility, younger people are seeking to rent longer and buy homes later. Multifamily marketing is more important than ever to help your property stand out. 

In particular, drone tours are starting to take the commercial real estate industry by storm.

“Apartment buildings and mixed-use properties have continued to grow in popularity,” Zach Dulla, CEO of Indoor Drone Tours says. “We’ve seen an influx in all of our multi-family services.”

In a recent article by that features Indoor Drone Tours, drones are helping commercial real estate and multifamily properties join ‘the entertainment age.’

Multifamily Marketing: Captivating Virtual Tours

There are multiple ways to market a property. You can utilize several tools in your belt; whether it’s professional photography, optimizing your website, holding Facebook events, or virtual tours, the options for multifamily marketing are almost endless. For virtual tours, there’s one thing that sets drone tours apart from the competition.

“In two minutes, you can capture the client’s attention and tell the story of the asset,” Brad Smith, Associate Director at Walker & Dunlop, says. “You can’t tell a story with Matterport and the click-through process.”

Smith has booked 10 drone tours for Walker & Dunlop’s multifamily listings. “We use them on almost every listing we’ve done, including our latest high rise listing in downtown Chicago,” Smith says. 

No arrow clicking makes the tour process easy, non-intrusive and entertaining to watch. With just one click, a person can tour an entire multifamily property in just minutes. With a first-person perspective, you can fly through the lobby, then through units, and go over any amenities and outdoor spaces the property offers. 

Indoor Drone Tours utilizes drone technology to create multiple marketing pieces for multifamily properties. IDT has flown through full apartment communities and created individual videos to showcase floorplans, units, amenities, and more. Depending on the client, drone tours can also provide some creative shots to captivate the viewer.

“We can include people in the videos by getting creative, such as filming a person diving off of the diving board, or walking through the lobby,” Dulla said.

Increase Occupancy Rate through Multifamily Marketing

According to a survey by rental platform Zumper, 72% of today’s renters would rent a unit sight unseen. For people moving cross country, being able to see the entire property virtually can be the major factor before signing a lease. Drone videos can fully put together the story of a property to aid in those rental decisions. You can fly through the lobby, gym, pool, multiple units, etc in a way you could never tour before. Being able to see, not just read about, amenities can also be a big deciding factor when signing a lease.

“Amenities are what sell multifamily buildings,” Dulla says, “A lot of our clients will put those assets in their marketing campaigns, front and center in their digital campaigns, and use on websites to show the full scope of equipment.”

For apartment leasing teams, drone tours can be a staple multifamily marketing piece to use across social media and the property’s website. FPV drones can offer more spatial awareness for each room. How do the amenity spaces flow from one room to another? What does the layout look like for a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom unit? Drone videos help viewers make sense of the entire building floor plan. 

Drone tours can also help leasing teams save time. By providing a video that offers the full scope of a property, one can also weed out serious leasees. Individuals who are local and serious with signing might only request an in-person tour after viewing all possible media online (whether it be professional photography, drone tours, digital pamphlets, etc). 

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Multifamily Marketing for Investment Sales & Developers

Drone tours are also adaptable and used by many, not just property managers. On the investment side, multifamily marketing is just as important. Indoor Drone Tours has also put together drone videos for brokers, investment sales teams, and developers. 

A full building drone tour is especially beneficial for brokers and investment sales teams. You get a 2-minute video to send out to prospective leads, drum up interest about the building, and weed out unqualified leads. 

“In today’s world of short attention spans, IDT videos capture peoples’ attention, entertain clients, and tell the story much more effectively than any other alternative,” Smith says.

With Indoor Drone Tours, you can select a satellite add-on to showcase the location, how close it is to local business and transportation, etc. 

Developers also love utilizing drone tours to build a digital portfolio. With just one video, you can show off amenities, lobby, and all the work in minutes.

Interested In Booking A Drone Tour?

“If you’re a developer, broker, or leasing team, there’s no better fit than an indoor drone tour package,” Dulla says.

We offer multifamily drone tours across the entire US. Contact us to learn more about our multifamily packages and to schedule a tour today!