5 Easy Marketing Strategies To Book More Hotel Events

Whether it’s a wedding or a business conference, events are a great way to connect people or relish in fun memories. And while they may be a ton of hustle and bustle to plan, execute and clean up after, events can also generate revenue for your luxury hotel.

To maximize your chances of booking hotel events, you’ll want to focus on marketing. But what exactly is hotel marketing?

In this post, we’ll dive into the most effective hotel marketing strategies to boost bookings for your hotel event space. From utilizing indoor drones to partnering with local event planners, we’ll show you how to score more business.

What Is Hotel Marketing?

Hotel marketing is the process of promoting a hotel’s brand and generating interest in its services to acquire new guests and drive hotel revenue.

A successful hotel marketing strategy will consider the needs of potential guests and craft targeted messages that address those needs. The most effective hotel marketing campaigns will use a mix of marketing channels to reach the widest audience and achieve the best results. 

How Indoor Drone Tours Can Help You Book More Hotel Events

To make a splash, you need to stand out from the competition and give potential guests a reason to book with you. And what’s more attention-grabbing than an engaging and immersive indoor drone video of your hotel’s event space?

Capture attention and captivate your audience by using high-quality drone videos. At Indoor Drone Tours, we specialize in creating high-quality indoor drone videos for hotels and businesses. 

Check out how we can put your luxury hotel on the map.

5 Ways To Increase Events At Hotels 

Now that you know how important hotel marketing is for booking hotel events, let’s dive into five specific hotel marketing strategies that you can use to increase business.

Indoor Drone Tours

From a bird’s eye view to zipping in between guests, indoor drone footage will give potential customers a taste of what your hotel has to offer. And with new and improved drone technology, it’s easier (and safer) than ever to get started with hotel drone videography.

Plus, potential guests can view your hotel’s event space before they even step foot in the door. And if they like what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll book with you. 

Promote Your Space

How can potential guests know that your space is available for events if you don’t tell them?

Make sure your hotel’s website and all of your marketing materials list your event space as available for rent. And include photos and videos to give potential guests a sense of what your space looks like. Hotel video marketing can make a world of difference in how your event space is perceived.

Partner With Event Planners

Event planners are always on the hunt for new and unique venues to host their events. So partner with local event planners and let them know that your hotel is available for rent.

You can also offer to host events for a discounted rate or throw in some extras to sweeten the deal.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to reach a wider audience and promote your hotel’s event space.

Make sure to post high-quality photos and videos of your event space in action to show potential guests what your hotel has to offer. For example, you can showcase hotel videos of glamorous weddings so other couples can imagine hosting their wedding there. Plus, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags and keywords to help potential guests find you.

Deliver The Ultimate Experience

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to deliver an exceptional experience to guests who book events at your hotel.

From the moment they step foot in the door to the time they check out, do everything you can to make their experience a memorable one. If you deliver on your promises and exceed their expectations, they’re sure to book with you again in the future.

Ready To Get Started With Indoor Drone Tours For Your Hotel?

Using the right hotel marketing strategies is the difference between a booked event and an empty room. And drone photography and videography is a  great way to make your hotel stand out from the competition.

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