A Year In Review: Best Memes of IDT

A few weeks ago, Indoor Drone Tours celebrated our first anniversary as a company. We worked with hundreds of brokers, traveled thousands of miles, but one number was left unsaid. We also posted memes. A lot of them. 2020 was a challenging year for many, so it helped to have a few laughs along the way. Nobody asked for this, but we’re doing it anyway. Kathleen Stark, our Social Media Manager (and Internet Culture Junkie), has put together a list of our favorite Instagram memes from our first year as a company. 

#5: How It Started How It’s Going

With the emotional toll that 2020 had on all of us, one meme format was born that combined existentialism and internet colloquialism. How it started/ how it’s going was a format typically used in a more chaotic fashion, but for us, it was the perfect way to show how far we’ve come.


In our first eight months, we had flown over 400 homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Though we started as an extension of Doola Creative Shop, we quickly spread our wings and took flight as a company of its own!

#4: Dennis Rodman

If you live in Chicago (or you’re a basketball fan in general), you probably spent a part of quarantine watching the 2020 documentary series The Last Dance. In the documentary, former pro basketball player Dennis Rodman talks about his rebounding skills. His lines are perfect for pairing with complicated directions.


Our pilots are masters at flying drones both indoors and outdoors. For non-pilots, we couldn’t help but wonder what goes on in their heads when they make their flight plan for a listing.

#3: 3D Tour Travolta

‘Confused Travolta’ is a popular GIF featuring a cutout of actor John Travolta as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. The GIF is typically used in various images of different contexts. (Here’s an example:) 


If you’ve been following us for a while, you know our stance on 3D tours. With all of the pinching/dragging, it might be complicated and time-consuming to navigate an entire home using this type of virtual tour. It’s easy to get lost in a large house when clicking through a 3D tour. Enter John Travolta.


This one speaks for itself. I think we’ve all been there at one point when trying to navigate a 3D tour.

#2: Superbowl Sunday

Just like the meme before this, it’s another reference to 3D Tours. There were many memorable moments during Super Bowl LV. The Weeknd headlined the halftime show and performed a variety of his biggest songs. He was in a suspended car, performed on a stage in the stands, performed with dozens of look-alike dancers on the field, but everyone took to Twitter for this moment


Probably the most memorable part of the performance included a backstage funhouse-like setup where the artist looked around like he was in distress. The real winner of the Super Bowl this year? The Weeknd’s breakout meme takes the cake.

#1: Flying Through the Doors

Do you remember that Greek mythology tale of Daedalus and Icarus? The cautionary tale you probably learned about in middle school? Well, just like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun with this one. Our memes were getting too hot for the Instagram algorithm. For reasons still left unknown, our meme got auto-flagged by Instagram, and we eventually ended up removing it. Here’s the video in question, still intact on Facebook:


There’s this oh-so-satisfying feeling when seeing the doors open at the perfect time for the drone. The footage we used came from our luxury tour of 1717 Lakeshore Drive. The original video showed English football fans wildly cheering in a pub to celebrate England winning against Wales in Euro 2016. It was quickly green-screened and used in a variety of formats, including this most popular one:


Despite Instagram’s takedown of our post, our opinion remains: Everyone loves a good drone tour through the doors!

Here’s hoping 2021 brings us even more laughs, fun, and memes. (And hopefully no more flagged posts on Instagram).