6 Apartment Marketing Ideas For Winter

Winter season is here. As life slows to a crawl so may your sales and marketing efforts. Now is the time to start thinking of new and creative ideas that will help you promote your apartments during this season to re-energize your business and get boots through the door.

Changing focus and pushing your marketing efforts during the winter season is a must. You can’t just rely on the same strategy you use in other months, as consumers are looking for different things when it comes to apartments during winter.

Here are six apartment marketing ideas for winter to breathe life back into your business.

Apartment Marketing For 2023

Apartment marketing takes new life in 2023 as new technologies and strategies are used to fill empty apartment units. Not only do you have to rethink your marketing strategy to maximize your profits but you also have to outperform your competitors.

A survey done by RE/MAX in partnership with SWNS Media Group states that as inflation normalizes into Spring 2023, more millennial (79%) and Gen Z (84%) home buyers and renters are planning to buy or rent in the next few years.

Taking advantage of this surge in buyers and renters in the next upcoming months is essential for apartment owners and marketers.

Is It Harder To Market Apartments in Winter?

It can be, but with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to!

Winter can be difficult for apartment marketing, as people are less likely to be looking for apartments during the colder months.

However, with a few creative strategies, you can still increase the number of potential renters and buyers who are interested in your apartments.

6 Ideas to Promote Apartments For Winter

Get your creative juices flowing with these six apartment marketing ideas for winter

1. Promote Seasonal Apartment Amenities

Winter brings unique experiences that can be highlighted in your apartment marketing efforts.

Now’s the time to talk up the cozy fireplaces, central heating, and other winter amenities that make an apartment stand out. Plus, who doesn’t want to bask in a winter wonderland? This is your chance to showcase the glistening snow on the trees and the surrounding community facilities covered in white.

Adding these seasonal touches to your marketing can make a big difference in getting potential renters as they can envision themselves creating lasting winter memories.

2. Offer Special Pricing

From Christmas shopping to New Year’s celebrations, the winter season can do a number on one’s bank account.

To help entice people looking for apartments, you can offer special winter pricing. Whether it’s discounted rent for the first month or an incentive like a complimentary move-in package, offering something special could make all the difference.

Discounts and incentives are a great way to attract potential renters and buyers who may be looking for a deal. Also, make sure to get the word out and create urgency by promoting via organic social media posts or paid advertising.

3. Strengthen Your Apartment Website SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a robust tool that helps apartment marketers reach their target audience organically by optimizing their web content for certain targeted keywords.

Before winter rolls around, it’s important to improve your SEO efforts by identifying new SEO keyword trends, ensuring your technical SEO is on par and making sure you have fresh content on your website.

Additionally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and that all the information people may be looking for is easily accessible. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your Google My Business profile for local SEO efforts and expand your reach with other off-page SEO strategies.

4. Offer A Virtual Tour With Indoor Drone Video

It’s now 2023 and technology has advanced to make virtual tours the norm.

With listing agents who leverage virtual drone tours boasting a 68% increase in closings, it remains one of the most powerful tools for promoting apartment units.

Virtual tours offer an immersive experience that allows potential renters or buyers to get a real-time feel for the apartment.

Drone video tours are not only engaging but they are also safer and more comfortable during the winter months, as people won’t have to leave their homes to view the property.

Indoor Drone Tours continue to be the premier choice for virtual drone tours. We have the experience, technology, and staff necessary to bring an apartment listing to life in the most interactive way possible.

5. Run Paid Search Ads

Paid search advertising is also a great way to reach potential renters or buyers during the winter months.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) may take time to yield results, but paid search ads offer you instantaneous visibility by getting your apartments to the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Plus, you can take advantage of various features, such as geolocation targeting, so that your ads are only seen by people who are searching for apartments in your area. Not to mention, retargeted ads can help you keep your brand top-of-mind.

6. Update Your Reviews

Almost everyone checks reviews before deciding to rent or buy an apartment, so it’s important to make sure your reviews are up-to-date and accurate.

In the winter, it’s even more important to monitor reviews as people may be looking for apartments but are still apprehensive due to the colder and darker days.

Make sure to take any negative reviews seriously and respond promptly. Also, encourage your current tenants or customers to leave a review on popular platforms such as Google and Yelp and specific websites such as Apartments.com.

We Fly Drones Indoors To Create Seamless Video Tours

With these apartment marketing ideas for winter, winter marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

At Indoor Drone Tours, we offer a comprehensive list of apartment marketing services designed to help you promote your units and attract new tenants or buyers.

Our professional indoor drone video tours present your property uniquely and engagingly to captivate potential renters or buyers.

With our help, you can easily promote your apartment units this winter and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how our indoor drone tours can help you reach your goals.

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