Proof That Chicago’s Old Post Office Looks Good By Drone

Proof That Chicago’s Old Post Office Looks Good By Drone

Many locals recognize the nearly century-old Chicago Post Office as an iconic fixture in downtown Chicago. The long-vacant building was used for filming several movies, including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. But have you seen what the building looks like nowadays?

After sitting empty for almost 20 years, the 2.5 million square foot building underwent extensive renovations in 2016. The renovations totaled $800 million, making it the largest historic redevelopment project in the nation. The reimagined Old Post Office welcomed its first new tenants in 2019. Indoor Drone Tours was hired by CBRE to help lease one of the largest office vacancies in the building.

“We were hired to promote a 100,000 square foot vacancy,” said Indoor Drone Tours CEO Zach Dulla. “That’s where the drone excelled, it was a big building and we were able to get around quickly for different shots through the lobby, etc.”

A lot has changed with the building, and many new features have been added. Among the new amenities are a riverfront plaza, ground-floor retail, a food hall, a fitness center with a boxing ring, tenant lounges, and a 3.5-acre rooftop park. Most people hadn’t seen the new changes just yet, so when Zach took to LinkedIn, many were blown away with their first look at the restored post office.

“Not only did it stop people when scrolling through LinkedIn,” Zach says, “It showed just how many people were in love with the new space.” Zach’s post received over 25,000 views with over 500 reactions.

About 14,000 employees are expected to work out of the building when fully occupied. As of 2019, the building has commitments for almost 3/4 of the building’s rentable spaces. Some of the building tenants include Walgreens, Uber Freight, PepsiCo, Home Chef, and Ferrara Candy Company.

To watch the full four and a half minute tour, visit here.