Indoor Drone Tours in REALTOR Magazine!

As the demand for virtual tour services increases, drone tours have been making waves in the real estate industry! John N. Frank of REALTOR Magazine wrote an article on drone tours and how they’re being used to showcase real estate properties.

The article highlighted drones as a coronavirus-safe method of capturing videos indoors as the pandemic persists. Even after the pandemic passes, however, drone tours help buyers reduce the number of homes they physically visit. Ryan Young commented in the article that buyers who do physically visit are offer-ready and have a good sense of the home and how it meets their needs. “They sell faster and for more, because the buyer had a truer representation of the property,” Young says of drone tours.
The article also highlights how to prepare a listing for an indoor drone tour, what to discuss with a vendor, and what properties to showcase.

While the article focused on drone tours in general, there are a few things Indoor Drone Tours does differently:

1. Our Residential Drone Tours start at $275 (not $500-$1,500).
2. We treat drone tours more than just a sizzle reel, we believe they’re the most functional way to virtually tour a space.
3. Drone tours are not only for $1M+ properties. Indoor Drone Tours helps real estate agents sell properties $250K and up (Our most popular range is right around $500K!).

As with any specialty service, it’s important to emphasize finding the right vendor. Never try flying your drone inside! Most drones need to be customized to fly indoors. For example, our pilots install guards on the drone’s propellers. Special drones require skilled operators to successfully pilot a drone indoors. Indoor Drone Tours carries insurance, has Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 107 certified pilots and follows all FAA and local laws when flying!

To read the full story, visit REALTOR Magazine.