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Drone technology continues to make waves in real estate, so commercial real estate is no exception. Recently, GlobeSt featured Indoor Drone Tours in a new article! Paul Bergeron of GlobeSt wrote an article on how drones are being used for commercial real estate property tours.

The article highlights the relationship between commercial real estate tours and the ‘entertainment age.’  

“We don’t live in the information age anymore; we live in the entertainment age. There’s so much information out there that it’s overwhelming. The most entertaining information is the information that gets consumed.” Brad Smith of Walker Dunlop says. 

Smith continued to talk about how drones can quickly capture the attention of buyers in commercial real estate. 

“[Drones] could be scaling a high rise, flying through gym equipment, or a chandelier. In today’s world of short attention spans, IDT videos capture people’s attention, entertain clients, and tell the story much more effectively than any other alternative.”

The article does well to highlight some of the advantages that drone tours can offer commercial properties:

  1. No Arrow Clicking
  2. Non-intrusive Production
  3. Better Feel for Floor Plan
  4. 48 Hour Turnaround Time

As with any specialty service, it’s crucial to find the right vendor. Indoor Drone Tours uses special, customized drones to fly indoors. In addition, the pilots at Indoor Drone Tours carry insurance, are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 107 certified, and follow all FAA and local laws when flying! In short, never try flying your own drone indoors!

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