Hotel Drone Tours on Denver7 News

Many hotels and resorts are coming up with new, innovative marketing tactics to prepare for a post-Covid world. Some hotels, in particular, are turning to drones for their marketing. Recently, Indoor Drone Tours was on Denver7 News and showcased how they impact the hospitality industry.

VIDEO: Watch the entire Denver7 News segment on Indoor Drone Tours and the hospitality industry above.

“With aggressive goals in 2022 to get back to 2019 occupancies, we really have to find innovative ways to do so,” Carson Lethen, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Hyatt Regency in Aurora, said. 

Drones provide an alternative way to show off amenities and spaces instead of traditional video and photography. FPV technology makes these drone tours possible. FPV, or first-person view, drones include goggles. A drone pilot wears the goggles to see everything the drone sees from a first-person perspective. 

“First-person view drones offer a very immersive perspective,” Cameron Goldberg, Pilot at Indoor Drone Tours, said. 

Indoor Drone Tours uses FPV drones for indoor flights. They use custom-built drones equipped with high-definition cameras to capture each room, amenity, etc. FPV drones are perfect for flying indoors; they’re lightweight and navigate well in tight spaces.

“I was amazed all day watching them fly these drones through the hotel; they were able to fly through spaces I could barely fit my arm through,” Lethen said, “I felt at ease with these pilots, and they knew exactly what they were doing.”

Drone Tours For Other Industries

Drone tours are also becoming popular in other venues outside of the hospitality industry. For Indoor Drone Tours, who have been around since April 2020, they’ve flown through hundreds of residential and commercial buildings. While businesses can use drone tours to complement traditional virtual tours (like Matterport or other 3D cameras), drones provide a unique advantage to large buildings. A viewer can watch a drone fly through a large commercial building in minutes with one click. To navigate the same space with a 3D tour, clicking through a large building may become tedious.

“Hotels, commercial real estate, office buildings, apartment buildings, really any type of venue or large building can use indoor drone tours,” Zach Dulla, CEO of Indoor Drone Tours, says.

Drone tours offer an immersive experience and give viewers an idea of what to expect. No fish-eye lenses or camera tricks are involved. Drone tours effortlessly provide a first-person view through a conference center, wedding venue, rooms, amenities, a hotel lobby, etc. “It’s just not the same type of experience as photos or videos,” Dulla said.

As with any specialty service, it’s crucial to find the right vendor. Never attempt to fly your own drone indoors! The pilots at Indoor Drone Tours carry insurance, are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 107 certified, and follow all FAA and local laws when flying.

Want to book a drone tour? Contact us to speak with a rep and learn more about how drone tours can benefit your commercial property. We look forward to flying for you!