A Quick Guide To One-Take Drone Tours

A Quick Guide To One-Take Drone Tours

One-take drone tours are becoming a popular way to capture a space. One-shot, or one-take, videos have always held a special place in cinematic history. Whether in movies, or music videos, one-take videos never fail to leave the viewers in awe. 2014’s Birdman received wide praise as appearing to be filmed in a single shot, and OK GO is famously known for their intricate one-take music videos.

VIDEO: OK GO films their most viral music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” choreographed to film in just one take with the band and a Rube Goldberg Machine.

Most recently in 2021, one-take tours are gaining traction in the drone community. Indoor Drone Tours has started offering One-Take Drone Tours for their Business Drone Tours. One-Take Drone Tours can be “the most creative virtual tour available for your business,” says Zach Dulla, CEO of Indoor Drone Tours.

VIDEO: Indoor Drone Tours showcases Top Tier Baseball through a One-Take Drone Tour. The drone flies through different parts of the facility in a choreographed video.

These videos give a virtual tour of a business or facility in a creative and captivating way. FPV drones make this possible; small, custom-built drones capable of flying at high speeds, quick turns, and more precise movements compared to traditional drones. For example, FPV piloting can be seen in the One-Take Drone Tour above. The drone can fly quickly through the facility, changing heights, flying between machines, and covering a lot of ground in one minute.

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One-Take Drone Tours In Mainstream Media

One-take drone tours are becoming mainstream as viral videos have popped up on the internet. The viral bowling video that took the internet by storm, titled “Right Up Our Alley,” impressed many with its continuous take. The drone flew through many tight spots at high speed at the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater. Even more impressive, no digital effects are present in this one-take drone tour. 

The drone operator, Jay Christensen, known as @jaybyrdfilms online, filmed the video as part of a project to document businesses in Minnesota (partnering with Rally Studios and Skycandy Studios in Minnesota).

Jay Christensen and Sky Candy Studios were recently involved in a Hard Knocks one-take drone tour project.

HBO Sports and NFL Films partnered with the Dallas Cowboys to create Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys, a series that provides an unfiltered look at the Cowboys players and coaches entering the 2021 NFL season. 

In the Hard Knocks drone tour, a drone flies through the place the Dallas Cowboys call home: The Star. This 91-acre campus of the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters gives fans many ways to connect with the team. It has everything from a 12,000 seat indoor stadium, a luxury hotel, an outdoor plaza, and even a boutique shopping center. In the video, the drone flies over The Star Boulevard, through the Ford Center, and everything in between. All in one continuous take.

“As the creator of the show, I’ve watched every single frame from day one,” Marty Callner commented on Instagram, “and this was on another level.” 

Why are one-take videos gaining so much popularity in the drone world?

It’s a one-click solution to providing a virtual tour for any space. Choreographed indoor drone tours are captivating, quick, and entertaining to watch. It’s a perspective that can only be achieved via drone (instead of a camera on a track, stabilizer, etc.) One-Take Drone Tours excel in organic social media, paid ads, website tours, documentaries, and other cinematic media. 

As with any drone video, not just anybody can film it. It takes an experienced drone pilot to fly a drone indoors. It takes an even more experienced pilot to fly a drone in one continuous take. (Note: Do NOT attempt to fly your own drone indoors!) You need special drones when flying indoors. When hiring a drone pilot, make sure the pilot also has the specific FAA certifications and has an insurance certificate.

VIDEO: The two above One-Take Drone Tours showcase how this kind of tour can benefit and highlight different businesses.

Indoor Drone’s Golf-Tec and Newport Christian Schools One-Take Drone Tours show how drone piloting, choreographing, and sound editing combines to create a cohesive, one-of-a-kind tour. Whether it’s a bowling alley, cafe, baseball facility, or NFL campus, one-take drone tours are quickly becoming a standard method of touring and capturing a space.

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